MakeARig Helps You Quickly Buy A Mining Rig With A Few Simple Clicks

You’ve heard all about it Dogecoin, Flappycoin, Litecoin, and many many more. More than likely the first thing you’ve probably read about is creating a mining rig to mine these coins.

The basics are simple, if you have a computer sitting around you can immediately download CgMiner or SgMiner to begin making these coins. But wait, that’s only if you have a high end gaming computer with a pretty powerful GPU. Other options include creating a dedicated mining rig from scratch. This means making a barebones computer with the cheapest parts available other than the exception of very expensive GPU’s also known as video cards.

Alright i’m ready to take the plunge where do I start? Hold on a second! There are quite a few things you need to be informed of before shelling out a couple thousand dollars. Yes we said thousands!


Creating a profitable mining rig is quite expensive even with the most cost effective options. There are also many other factors including the tech savvy to put one together, overclocking the gpu’s for maximum hash rate, under volting for maximum efficiency, and that’s just the beginning.

So your still ready to take the plunge? Welcome aboard fellow miner!

In a few simply clicks you will be purchasing all necessary parts to build a decent mining rig seeing 300 USD + profit per month. Back then you would usually have to scour the web for answers googling long nights away. Not anymore, fortunately for us developer JollyMonsa has created This website factors various options to help you buy the perfect mining rig.

The website while currently in alpha testing is truly one of a kind. With MakeARig you simply choose the type of GPU you want, how high of a hash rate you prefer, how efficient you need it, and your finished. Click to buy your rig and you will be redirected to to complete your purchase.


While continuing to checkout notice how MakeARig put the pieces together and added the various other parts needed to create your mining rig. This includes ram, usb drive, motherboard, power supply, etc. Lets get mining shall we.